Thursday, 13 June 2013

Small Improvements

This home restoration is a helluva lot of work. And we haven't really even started yet! I made one teensy improvement recently, and I'm pleased with it. The side entrance to the Little Blue House is the one we use on a regular basis; it is located in the addition on the back of the house. The addition was done about 20 years ago, and I describe it as "functional."

Long-term, we would like to reno this part of the house, too, and make it flow into the 1898 part of the LBH. In other words, I'd like it to look Victorian... This will take time, and it isn't really a priority at the moment.

Here's a snapshot of the entrance taken this Spring, all cluttered and ugly-looking. I plan to install a curtain that will hide the utility area, which includes the water pump, hot water heater and shelving. My next idea is to install wainscoting over the current faux wood panelling. Then I will paint the top portion of the wall a different colour from the wainscoting.

Perhaps after that, we should do something about the horrible ceiling tiles. Yuck! The ceiling makes me think of a tiny cubicle in a windowless office somewhere. I'd like to cover the ceiling with either plaster or tin. Oh, and we must do something about the very 1990s looking lino floor. Ewww! I am going for 1890s here people!

Okay, I will stop now.

Oh well. For now, I installed some pretty sheer curtains on the window, seen in the photo below (it was a naked window). Next, I relocated an Art Deco vintage dresser from the bedroom to the space beneath the window. The dresser still needs some TLC, but I cleaned it up. Voila, a small improvement! 

Side Entrance Area in Addition

New Curtains

Antique Dresser

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