Monday, 24 June 2013

It's Not Plaster and Lath!

We are more than halfway through tearing off the old wallpaper in the bedroom of the LBH. I assumed that we'd find plaster and lath underneath it all, but it appears I was wrong! It is simply rough boards, with some pretty large gaps. There was a layer of linen next to the wood, and base paper, followed by at least 6 different wallpapers! The ceiling has about 3 papers that I've counted thus far.

The most unpleasant factor was the old spiderwebs, mouse nesting material and mouse poo that rained down on our heads as we peeled off the ceiling paper. There are large gaps in the attic boards up there, so I think the stuff had just accumulated there over the past 115 years... go figure. Holy crap.

We will have to decide how to proceed now. Will it be plaster to fill in the gaps, then wallpaper? I have many questions. We'll be sure to fill you in!

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