Saturday, 15 June 2013

Old News

I was sitting in the bay window room, off the front parlour, the other day. It was quiet and I was contemplating the light streaming in through the leaded glass windows. I glanced down at the floor and realized that the vintage linoleum flooring is not attached to the floor along one side of the room.

At some point, it was cut parallel to the walls, perhaps to do some work on the wood floor underneath? I lifted it up out of sheer curiosity, being careful not to disturb it too much (we aren't ready to restore this part of the house yet).

There are old newspapers underneath the lino. It is definitely Vancouver news, old news! I showed the photos to my dad, and he immediately noticed that the phone numbers only contain 4 digits (ie. 7071) - for Vancouver!

It is interesting to read the headlines. I wonder what we will find when we really start peeling up the floors? I think the newspapers will be fragile, and I'm sure they will disintegrate when we handle them.

My dad thinks they are likely 1920s vintage - what do you think?

Section of Linoleum with Newspaper Underneath
Vancouver Newspaper, circa 1920s?
Dental Work That Satisfies
Henry Herbert Pianos, $475

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