Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Attic

We finally had a look in the attic! We'd been hesitant to do so, fearing some sort of infestation... We had some friends visiting, and we were all talking about this subject in the kitchen. The access panel for the attic is right there, and we were looking at it. One of our friends encouraged us to take a look, so we cleared away the dishes and clutter, and opened it up!

It wasn't that bad, really. Most importantly, it is dry! There have been mice up there, certainly, but it looks pretty good. We would like to insulate the attic this year, perhaps after we've finished working on the foundation.

I am researching different types of insulation and I will have to see what is available locally. I know for certain that we will not go with batting, which seems inefficient. I think we should go with something blown-in. We will need to put in a vapour barrier also, and then add some ventilation from the kitchen and bathroom. Currently, the Little Blue House is not airtight, so of course we don't have to concern ourselves with ventilation. It is draughty enough as it is! And it's bloody freezing at the moment.

Attic - Notice Old Wasps' Nest in Top Left


Access to Different Part of LBH...

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