Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Spring at the LBH!

It's Spring at the Little Blue House! Well, this is what Spring looks like in Atlin, BC. There is a ton of snow on the property. We were fortunate that one of our neighbours used a snow cat to plow a driveway for us, so we could get in. There is a huge snow pile adjacent to the house, which the kids love. They spent a lot of time there last weekend, climbing up and sliding down.

The house fared well over the winter, with no leaks and no rodent damage. It's bone dry inside, although the temperature was -7 degrees Celsius inside the house when we arrived on Friday afternoon. My husband got to work outside, removing shutters and shovelling, shovelling, shovelling...

I turned on our variety of small space heaters and started cleaning and removing dust sheets from the furniture. I started mopping the floors with a diluted solution of bleach. After a couple of minutes of mopping in the parlour, I noticed clumps of white gunk all over the floor. I thought to myself, "What the hell is that? Oh no!" I had a closer look and then I realized that the solution was freezing onto the floor as I was mopping. It was a skating rink in the LBH for a while after that, until we got it warmed up and aired out.

LBH, March 2013

Once we got a fire going in the old cookstove, the place started warming up fairly quickly. That said, our kids wore their fleece jackets and winter hats in the house for the first couple of days... By Saturday afternoon, it was over 15 degrees, and by Sunday afternoon, it was nearly 20 in the house. (Outside it warmed up to about 5 degrees.)

Front Gate and Porch (Which is Going Soon!)

The photo above really shows how crooked the porch and front steps are... We will be removing the porch, along with the house's skirting (how appropriate for a house that was once a brothel!) as soon as the snow allows access.

Well, I took a ton of photos and I will be posting many of them this week. We took pictures of the attic, more interior shots, lots of local Atlin historical buildings, and I found a surprise. I will reveal it this week!
Snow Pile, Husband, and Dog

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