Saturday, 13 April 2013

Spring Walk in Atlin

We've been going for lots of walks around Atlin lately. The little town is slowly emerging from underneath piles and piles of snow. It's been a cold spring so far, and it seems like the north is reluctant to give up winter. Once the snow is off the ground, we will be able to get to work on the Little Blue House.

Below, you can see the Atlin Inn, which has been nicely fixed up in the last couple of years. It's still undergoing some renovations, as you can see in the picture; however, the inn is open and it has 20 rooms and 9 rustic log cabins available to rent. The street in front of the inn is right on the shore of Atlin Lake, and there's a gorgeous view from there. Next door to the Atlin Inn is Kershaw's, which is a beautiful old building that has recently come under new ownership.

Lake Street, Atlin

In the photo below, you can see the old Atlin Hospital. It was built in 1942 from lumber that was salvaged from one wing of the old Atlin Inn. The hospital did not operate for very long, however, as the town was very quiet at that time. The building is now the Atlin office of the Foundation of Glacier and Environmental Research.
Old Atlin Hospital

Here is the LBH, as seen from across First Street. There's still a massive snow pile next to the house, although most of the snow has now melted off the roof. Our fence is falling down, as you can see... We need to prop it up soon.
Little Blue House, April 2013

Below is the view from McBride Boulevard, where there are a number of quaint, historic homes. What do you think of the lakeside view?
McBride Boulevard, Atlin

Lastly, there are numerous log cabins like this scattered around town. They look lovely surrounded by a blanket of snow.
Log Cabins, Atlin

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