Sunday, 2 September 2012

The Gold Rush - The Beginning of the House!

This house was built during the gold rush of 1898. It was originally constructed in a different location, at the edge of gold fields, about 7 km away from its present address. The home was built between 1898 and 1900. We don't know who its original occupants were, but we would like to find out!

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We have learned some more of the history of this house in recent weeks, and I will be sure to include that information in upcoming posts. I feel that we have a lot to learn about this place.

The original part of the home is one storey, with an attic (ooooh, do we really want to know what is lurking up there??). The house has a peaked roof with a lovely diamond-patterned detailing in the shingle siding that faces the front of the house. It has a front parlour, complete with a 5-sided bay window. The original front door opens into the parlour. There is a bedroom in the rear of the house, which is separated from the parlour by long, red curtains. The home has a tiny front porch, which is falling down. The kitchen is charming, with 2 windows. It had a back door into the kitchen. (There is an addition on the back of the house now, so that door has become an interior pocket door.)

The little blue house was likely moved to its current location sometime in the 1920s, we are told. There were three serious fires which mostly destroyed the current townsite in the early 1900s, and our house had been languishing in its former location, which had become a ghost town by then. So, the house was moved 7 kilometres, probably on skids pulled by horses, I imagine!

Now this house is starting to show her age, but she is very dignified and beautiful still. She is settling into the earth a bit, and I would be, too, if I was that old!

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