Monday, 3 September 2012

Some Tree Removal

Here is your first glimpse of the back of the house, where the extension was built. This extension was well done, as it does not obstruct the charming shape of the original house as seen from the front. It is a lean-to design that was added to the rear of the house about 20 years ago. The previous owners were getting on in age, and they decided to make an addition to the house, with running water. They were tired of making the trek to the privy every night! Notice the weed trees growing alongside the house. There is a beautiful view of lake and mountains from the property, which was obscured by undergrowth. Not to mention the leaf debris from all of those trees, banked up against the home's foundation, threatening it.

View from the Rear of the House

On our initial stay on the property - we camped - my husband and I removed the shutters, removed lots of junk from the house, cleaned it extensively, washed all of the windows, and removed trees! We concentrated on removing the undergrowth and smaller, weed trees.
Undergrowth Obscuring Front of House

You couldn't see the house very well from the street.

Side Entrance After Initial Tree Removal

After we cleaned up the yard, there was a clear path to the side entrance. This door, with the awning, leads into the back of the house, which is the newer part. There is rhubarb growing in an old mining cart next to the door. It was great to be able to see the house, and to have more light inside it also!

Front Porch from Side View After Tree Removal

Here is the front porch. See how it slants towards the house? It is falling down! I think the house will keep us busy for a long time... It was satisfying to rake 3 years' worth of dead leaves away from the home's foundation... A future project, probably next on our priority list, will be to explore the crawl space and to level the house. She is listing to starboard!

I am thinking that at least the house is dry. I am thankful that the house has a new roof. And you know, a metal roof is a good thing in this climate! It may not be what the Victorians would have used in 1898, but if they had access to a roof like that, perhaps they would have been really happy! And, we like the colour. :)

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