Wednesday, 5 September 2012

New Bedroom

Here is the bedroom in the back of the house, in the newer part. It is in the extension that was built about 20 years ago. As you can see, it does not look Victorian. That is okay for now, as it will be a warm spot in the house, in which one can sleep! There is faux wood panelling on the walls, which reminds me of my bedroom growing up.

Bedroom in Extension, Before Painting

The plywood floor was damaged during spring, several years ago, before we bought the house, when exceptionally heavy snowfall melted. Obviously, some water got into the house, destroying the carpet that was once in this room. The previous owners removed the carpet, so this is how the room looked when we bought the Little Blue House. We decided that the floor needed some paint.

After Painting the Floor
Isn't it amazing what a couple of coats of paint can do for a room? My dad suggested yellow, and I think he was right. A brightly painted plywood floor will be easy to clean. We will put some area rugs down for warmth and colour, and presto! We will have a bedroom.

Bedroom Now - Almost Finished, but Not Quite

Now the bedroom is nearly finished. We hung one of my mother-in-laws paintings by the bed - it's a fireweed, and I love it; she is a great artist. We put a rug down, and added some crisp, new bedding, and now we will need a few more finishing touches. I bought a couple of small lamps at Ikea and I must find some bedside tables, too. The small table in the above photo is actually going to end up in the parlour, I think. (This table belonged to my maternal grandmother.) You will see what the room looks like in a future post, won't you?

I would love to make the newer part of the house, as small as it is, fit in with the rest of the original, Victorian home. I guess that will have to end up on "The List," somewhere near the bottom I expect.

This room will be nice enough for guests, I think. When we have visitors we can sleep in the original bedroom, in the front of the house. The floor there is on an angle, and it's musty, and kind of dark, but it has character. Right? I think I will talk about  the Little Blue House's original bedroom in my next post, in fact. You will not believe the story there.

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