Sunday, 2 September 2012

A Second Visit

The Parlour

After our first tour of the little blue house, I couldn't get the place out of my mind. I dreamt about it every night. My husband and I talked about the house. We both had the same first impression of the place: "Wow, this house is full of character and it has so much potential. We could spend a lot of time here."

We went back to see the house again about a week later, and this time my dad came with us. He was pretty impressed with the place, too, and I know he loves the town as much as we do. That is the day we decided to buy the little blue house. It was Canada Day!

The house was boarded up and had been unoccupied for the past three years. The owners live out of country and were unable to visit anymore. They were sad to sell the house, as it had been in their family for 40 years. It was too far away for them. For us, it is only a short drive away, and we could see that it had the potential to be a second home in one our favourite places on earth.

We made an offer, and we bought the house! We were so excited about it!

In the picture above, you can see the front parlour of the 1898 Victorian home. It was dark, musty, cobwebby and mousy. There were little trays of rat poison located throughout the home. But it was in pretty good shape, all things considered!

I will share some stories about the house as I go along, in separate posts. I am new to this blogging, although I admit it is really like writing in a diary; it just involves typing instead of using a pen. I had a diary off and on as a child, but I believe it's been over 25 years since I've kept one...

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