Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Autumn Walk at Pine Creek

Now that winter seems to be kicking all of us in the ass in the Yukon, I feel it's necessary to share the gorgeous fall pictures we took in Atlin last week. We went for a walk on the "Crocus Trail," near Pine Creek. Our kids love this walk, it has amazing views, is relatively short, and as a bonus, part of the path is called the "Pompom Trail." That's because of the pompoms that people have attached here and there to trees along its length. In the summer, a friend of ours was kind enough to spend time making more pompoms with our kids, and then they hiked the trail, adding their new creations.

Sadly, although we had a fantastic hike last week, we were disappointed to see that most of the pompoms had been removed from our favourite trail! I guess we'll have another project next time we hike there. I should remember to get some yarn...

Atlin Lake
Crocus Trail
Looking up Pine Creek Valley

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