Sunday, 28 September 2014

Bedroom Window

We finally replaced our parlour window! Our contractor was able to install the new, triple-pane, wood frame casement window in the bedroom of the LBH. I had to choose paint colours for the sash and trim, and paint it prior to installation. I settled on Benjamin Moore Origins paint, in Aspen Bark (how appropriate!) for the trim and Beyond Midnight for the sash. My husband laughed at that, and commented on how perfect a colour that is for a former brothel.

The air was blue as I single-handedly wrestled the massive crate into submission. I keep meaning to call the manufacturer to complain about how it was crated. Should you have to use a pry bar and hammer to remove an $1800 window from its crate? Really?? It was all stapled with those big, industrial staples, not screwed together even on one end so you could safely open the wooden crate to remove the window. I was glad that our kids couldn't hear the stream of profanity emanating from the bedroom. Once I settled into priming and painting the window, it was a little more meditative, and I was able to calm down.

We are pleased with how it looks, although we've been hesitant to replace any of the 116-year old home's original leaded glass windows. But the fact that both panes were broken we took as a sign that we were "allowed" to replace this one. Not to mention that a nice, energy-efficient window will make that bedroom super cozy in the wintertime. :)

Bedroom Window Before Replacement
Bedroom, with New Window in Stupid Shipping Crate
Window After Coat of Primer (Tinted Primer for Black Sash)
Here it is!

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