Tuesday, 7 October 2014

We Finished Insulating the Parlour!

The parlour at our Little Blue House is pretty much insulated now. My husband deserves credit for this, as he's the one who did all of the work cutting styrofoam panels into the quirky shapes you see in these photos. After our contractor raised the ceiling and insulated it, we were able to finish off this next phase.

Now we are waiting for the room to be vapour-barriered and strapping installed. I am "cautiously optimistic" that our electrician (MIA since early summer) may get our wiring done. When? I don't dare take a guess. I simply do not have time to learn to do it myself. Once we have new wiring, our contractor will be able to put plywood ceilings up and drywall on the walls. After that, we plan to install tin ceiling panels (nail-up) and wallpaper... eventually.

You can see the windows leaning against the wall in the picture below - the one on the left is a vintage storm window we found in the falling-down cabin on our property. The one on the right came out of the bedroom. I cleaned, primed and painted them to use as storm windows. More to follow on that later!

Parlour Chaos
Front Door
Mostly Finished

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  1. Your husband sure wants to speed up the entire process! Well, anyone undergoing a similar project wants to live in the new house as soon as they can. Let's just hope your contractors do well in the remaning tasks you still have to do. Take care!

    Lynn Williamson @ DAL Builders, Inc.