Friday, 8 February 2013

From the Archives!

The Little Blue House, as I've mentioned before, was built around 1898 during the Gold Rush. It was originally located in Discovery, which is now a ghost town. Discovery is 7 kilometres away from Atlin, and there isn't much left there. Discovery is not a protected historical site, and as such, its buildings and artifacts have dwindled away since the frantic years of the Gold Rush.

In a previous post, I talked a little bit about the history of the LBH:

We think that the house was moved to Atlin sometime after the last of 3 great fires destroyed much of the town. The photograph of the LBH, below, was likely taken after it was moved to its current location. I wonder who these occupants were? This was perhaps taken around 1920, and it looks like a young family sitting on the front steps of their new home.

I love the idea of recycling an entire house! It was abandoned in Discovery, at that time a ghost town already, so why not move it to a place where people needed homes?

Perhaps someday I shall find out who these original Atlin occupants were. Eva, the madam, came along a bit later, with her shady ladies and seamstress shop...

The Little Blue House, After Relocation to Atlin

Now our chapter is one more in the legacy of bringing new life into an old house. This is the best form of recycling ever.

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