Monday, 25 February 2013

More About Eva

I am a little bit stumped about Eva Daniel. I think I may have to travel in order to learn more about her.

For those readers who do not know about her, Eva was the former madam of the Little Blue
House when it was a brothel. You may read about her in an earlier post at:

I managed to find her death record, which shows that Eva passed away on 11 May, 1956 in Victoria, BC.
She was a long way from her home in Atlin, where she wished to be buried next to her husband, Samuel.
I have learned that she was poor during the years following Samuel's death. She apparently went without
food in order to pay for the elaborate headstone marking his grave (and hers, reserved for the future).

I am inclined to guess that Eva became ill and was taken to Victoria in order to receive some kind of medical
care. There, she died; perhaps due to the fact that she had no next of kin and no resources, her remains were
never returned to her home in Atlin. This is all theory at this point. I am curious to find out what happened
to Eva's remains. Was she cremated? Was she buried somewhere in Victoria? How do I find this out?

Here is part of the record that I found on Eva's death. She represents one of the mysteries of the Little Blue
House. Part of restoring the LBH, I believe, includes unearthing these stories of its previous tenants, whose
lives are a part of the house itself.

Eva Daniel, "British Columbia,

Death Registrations, 1872-1986"

name:Eva Daniel
event date:11 May 1956
event place:Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
marital status:Widowed
birth date:24 Apr 1874
birthplace:, United States

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