Sunday, 29 May 2016


Next project: a makeover for the old girl! We are starting with the addition at the rear of the LBH. We sanded, cleaned and primed the exterior. The addition is about 20-25 years old. The exterior paint isn't in bad shape. But we're changing the colours slightly. Don't worry, it'll still be the Little BLUE House! The north side is in the best condition, as the weather here comes predominantly from the south.
North Side, Addition

The east side wasn't too bad either. As the primer was drying, the wasps were already trying to gain access to the uncovered vents. They were denied access! I gently relocated many spiders as I was painting this wall. Our youngest child was relieved to see that no spiders were harmed during this project...
East Wall

Finally, we got the south side of the addition ready. This is going to be the toughest side once we get to the original part (age: 118 years) of the house. We plan to tackle that part in early July when the kids are with their grandparents! I've ordered a lead-testing kit from the hardware store, although we're quite sure that amongst the 4-5 layers of paint, lead will be present.

At least the addition seems fairly straightforward to paint. No ancient, flaking lead paint. I should get to it within the next 3-5 days. I'm hoping the rain will go away!
Side Entrance, South Side


  1. Do you live across the street from the McNeils (sp?)

  2. Do you live across the street from the McNeils (sp?)

  3. Well the old girl looks very cared for indeed! Sanding that must have been hard work! It looks neat to paint. I've painted a structure like this before and it took a few layers to make it look right. You just need to have a word with the weather man now.

    1. Thank you very much! She deserves some TLC, and we have looked after her well these past 4 years. Still so much to do! Thanks for reading, and stay safe with your painting. It's hard work!