Saturday, 10 August 2013

Wood Stove Removal

It turns out that our insurance company would not continue to insure the Little Blue House unless we removed or "rendered inoperable" the second wood stove... Of course, we weren't using it anyhow, because the whole set-up was pretty dodgy.

Would you believe that the insurance company people actually said we could "weld the door shut?"

We decided to keep the stove itself, in case we want to use it in another building at some point. Perhaps we can heat the log workshop? Or maybe we can build a tiny guest cabin in the future? It was essentially the chimney that made the whole thing so sketchy: two 90-degree bends and a whole lot of rust, plus water leaking through the ceiling nearby...

So, we removed the stove.

The No. 21 Economy Stove, circa ?

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