Monday, 19 August 2013

The Vancouver Daily Sun

We found a couple of pages from The Vancouver Daily Sun, dated 17 October 1919, underneath the vintage linoleum in the bedroom. One of the guys excavating in that part of the Little Blue House brought the newspaper over to show it to me.

I'm super excited about it, as the paper is a clue in our quest to find out exactly when the LBH was moved to its current location from the now abandoned town of Discovery. The last of the fires that destroyed Atlin happened in 1917, so we know that the house was brought to town sometime after that.

We are still not sure who lived in the house when it was first relocated, but we now have a good clue about who occupied the LBH in October 1919...
Vancouver Daily Sun, 17 Oct 1919
Check out the delivery sticker on our newspaper in the photo below. I just noticed it the other day, as I was placing the fragile paper in a scrapbook - after 96 years or so, it's falling apart. The sticker has faded, but it clearly says, "Eva Lambert."

Eva Lambert's Newspaper

For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, you will know that Eva was the madam when the LBH was a brothel. She was later married to Samuel James Daniell, at which time she became Eva Lambert Daniell. Perhaps when she first lived in the house, she was not married yet.

Furthermore, we may surmise that it was Eva who had the linoleum installed over top of the original fir flooring in the LBH. It was popular to cover up wood floors back then.

What else might we discover, covered up, in our little house?

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