Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Vintage Wallpaper Found!

Last week I thought I'd take a peek under the wallpaper in the bedroom... I couldn't get the furniture out of the room and really start in on it, since I was on my own last week with the kids. However, my curiosity got the better of me and I ripped a piece of wallpaper off just to see what was underneath.

Here is the inside wall of the bedroom. We are going to move the dresser and wardrobe out of there before we start work. The two beds and dresser will go to the dump - they are done.

Current Bedroom Wallpaper

In the picture below, you can see where I tore a strip off the wall; the paper in that spot was already peeling off.
Old Wallpaper Underneath

The wallpaper that I uncovered is quite beautiful, although I know we won't be able to save it. There is too much damage along the edge of the trim, and on the outside wall there is going to be mildew or old water damage, too.

I was so happy to see this paper though - I think it was gorgeous in its day, and it was probably a nice quality wallpaper, with about 7 different colours. The pattern includes two birds and what look to be roses. I spotted light grey, dark grey, metallic silver, red, blue, yellow and green.

We plan to remove a good piece and preserve it, perhaps in a picture frame. We will see what is underneath this vintage paper. I can see some sort of fabric there, and perhaps there is more wallpaper, for all I know! Then, underneath it all, maybe plaster and lath?
Original Wallpaper

When I removed the section of wallpaper, it  came away with some of the ugly brown ceiling paper, too. That will also have to be removed. I am concerned with the ceiling, as it appears to be crumbling... I have no idea what's up there at this point. I have read a little about plaster buttons, and I suspect that is what I see in the top left corner of the photo below. I read that these buttons should not be used... I must research this subject further!
Peek at the Ceiling...

There will be plenty of explorations to come, and I will document our trials and tribulations here!

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