Saturday, 4 May 2013

The Room in Question

This is the room in question. For those of you who have been reading my blog for some time, you'll recognize the photographs below, as I've used them before. But for those readers who are new to the Little Blue House, below you will see a glimpse of the room that needs the most attention.

This room was, and will be, the master bedroom of the LBH. This room was the private domain of the home's former madam, when it was a brothel. Thus, I find the deep red curtains to be an appropriate entrance to the bedroom.

We are going to start some exploratory work in this room next week. We have not been using this room, as it's musty and mousy and it needs help. I know for a fact that this room is the start of the former mouse highway that led into the LBH. Thankfully, the mice have taken a hiatus from most of their mousy expeditions in our tiny house. I removed the incentives for the pesky vermin, and I installed a number of annoying and potentially deadly hazards along this former route: irritating noise-makers that create sounds only tiny mouse ears can hear (and that apparently hurt their hearing,) attractive but sticky little traps that could hinder or stop their progress, and lastly, rat poison. Thankfully, we haven't had much trouble lately, but it's been cold, and now it is warming up. I am glad that it is getting nicer - I am sick of winter, but the mice may also be glad. Hopefully they are not hitting the mouse highway into our beloved Victorian house. I will let you know how the mouse battles are going soon.

I am dreadfully excited about hauling the old beds and falling-apart-dresser to the dump next week. Then I will have some room to get to work in this room.

Doorway to Master Bedroom

In my last post, I explained my fervour over wallpaper. I think, sadly, that my husband believes that I've gone quite mad over renovating the LBH. I say that with tongue in cheek, however, as I know he is, too.

The photo below shows the current wallpaper in the master bedroom. It's badly wrinkled and warped, and there is a spot on the outside wall that feels damp/mildewy. This is the scariest spot and it is the reason why we are starting the multi-phase reno (which will take years, we are sure) with this particular room. It is, without doubt, the room in question.

Original Wallpaper in Master Bedroom

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