Friday, 30 January 2015


I guess those wee electrons are all corralled in all of the right places now. Man, those little suckers are expensive! We knew that our bill wouldn't be cheap, and I suppose it's about what we expected it to be...

Our electrician said the original wiring wasn't all that bad, which is good to know, but I'm happy it is safe and up to code. He only has a few small tasks left to complete, including wiring the heater in the crawl space.

We now have baseboard heaters in our back bedroom, bathroom and entrance (otherwise known as the grand "foyer" ha ha ha). We've got extra outlets and the exposed old-school wiring in the kitchen has been remedied, I think. We have wiring for smoke detectors in each part of the house, as required by code, all connected together. We have brand-new wiring, including spots for the ceiling fixtures, parlour heater, and lots of outlets in the parlour and front (original) bedroom. Oh, and a baseboard heater in the front bedroom as well.

Plus, we will have a light next to our front door, the original front door to the LBH. I ordered one from House of Antique Hardware, and it's going to look really good! You can see it by clicking here.

The next steps are drywalling, mudding and priming the walls in the parlour and front bedroom. We do not possess the skills to do this well, and nor do we have time, so our contractor will be starting next week. He will also put up the 1/2 inch plywood ceilings that will eventually be covered by tin ceiling panels. Yay! I hope to have some photos to show you soon.

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