Wednesday, 26 February 2014


You may recall my last post, which depicted a disgusting mess in the original bedroom of the LBH. Well, it's been bloody cold up here lately, but it finally warmed up a bit, and our trusty contractor made it over to lay siege to the former mouse nest. Out came 12 dead mice, 2 massive hornets' nests and 8 bags worth of detritus. Now, at least behind three of the four walls in that room, no nests are to be found.
Former Mouse Hideaway
He found some very curious framing/joists in the rear wall of the bedroom. The centre square looks like a window to me. Perhaps there was a window there in the past? This is the oldest part of the LBH, built in 1898. We believe that the original home consisted of the bedroom and the parlour, when the house was built in the mining town of Discovery during the Gold Rush. It looks like the kitchen was perhaps added a bit later, maybe in Discovery or perhaps around 1917 when we think the house was moved to Atlin.
Strange Wall Joists, Master Bedroom

Next up on the list is the removal of the planks on the ceiling; we are justifiably nervous about the crap and corruption that may rain down on everybody from up there...

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  1. Well, at least you can take solace on the fact that the mice are dead! Aside from restoring a house to its former glory, there are also added benefits of doing some general repairs, such as cleaning stuff up, and using modern materials to make it sturdier than the original. Here's to hoping your little blue house looks as good as the vintage pics that you have!
    Lynn Williamson @