Monday, 22 July 2013

Atlin Lake & Our Retro Motorboat!

We finally got out on Atlin Lake in our retro motor boat! I think the boat is a late 1960s vintage, and it came with the place, when we bought the Little Blue House last summer. We had the engines tuned up and we spent a couple of days cleaning it up. It's a fibreglass 18' Orlando Clipper, and it has the perfect hull design for a big lake like Atlin. Atlin Lake, by the way, is 780 square kilometres, making it the largest natural lake in British Columbia. UFI, or Cliff notes, so ya know!

The engine is a 1979 Evinrude "Starflite" and the 115-hp really moves the boat. We got her up to 30 knots! Whoooo hooooooo! The kids loved it. The small, spare motor, or kicker, is a 1969 18-hp Evinrude. These outboard engines were well made, and so far we have proof that if they are well-maintained, they can last a really long time! That said, I was watching our money streaming out into the water behind the boat...

We don't operate boats to save money, do we??

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