Sunday, 18 November 2012


Guess what? Last week, it was colder inside the Little Blue House than it was outside. It appears that the LBH has a second calling in life, as a refrigerator.

I had to keep my warm jacket and boots on in the house. The snow I tracked indoors did not melt, but lay scattered about the floor in small white clumps, in the shapes of the tread on my boots.

Just to prove this fact to you, I took photos of the thermometers both inside and outside. The amazing thing is, it isn't even cold yet!

Here is the thermometer inside the LBH, reading about -3 degrees Celsius.


Here is the view from outside our front door. It was a mild day for mid-November. The temperature reached a high of about 3 degrees C. It was a gorgeous day for the drive, too. There was lots of fresh snow, which always makes everything look clean and new.

The coolness of the house illustrates the need for some insulation. Presently, the floor is not insulated at all. In addition, the walls are essentially uninsulated. At the time the LBH was built, in around 1898, it was common practice to insulate walls with sawdust. Whatever remains of any sawdust in those walls is certainly not providing any insulating properties now. I think it may be good nesting material for mice. God only knows what is in the attic. I'm quite sure that it's not insulation. I will write more on this project in a future post... it is near the top of "The List."

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