Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Favourite Victorian Homes in Our Town

I want to share some pictures I took recently near our Little Blue House. This is a very small town, and as I've mentioned before, it is a Gold Rush town. As such, many of the buildings there date back to 1898-1900.

There were three fires which destroyed many homes and buildings in the early part of the century. The only reason our LBH survived these fires is because it wasn't there! It was built around 1898 in another Gold Rush town that no longer exists. I will include some pictures of that ghost town in a future post.

Our tiny house was moved to its present location after the last great fire claimed most of the homes on our street in 1917. It was common practice to move homes around in the early 1900s, especially here. I guess one wouldn't even consider moving our gargantuan, sprawling homes these days...

Here is a place across the street from the LBH. It has a story, which perhaps I will share in another post. It is leaning precariously to one side, and I imagine that it's infested with bats. I've seen them zooming around there at night, and it would be a perfect roosting spot for the wee rodents. Do bats roost? Is that the correct term to use with bats?

A Neighbor

The house below is one of my favourites, and it has been well looked-after. I don't know how old it is, but it looks Victorian!
Restored Victorian Home

This miniature blue house is a couple of blocks away from the LBH. It has an amazing mountain view. You can see the fresh snow on the mountains in the picture below, as the freezing level slowly creeps down the mountainside, bringing us closer to winter...
Miniature Blue House

The Globe Theatre, in the photo below, was built after the town's second fire in 1916. The theatre had a player piano, and it was an immensely popular spot. The theatre is still used today for certain events and shows.
Globe Theatre

The last building, in the photo below, was beautifully restored in recent years. I have never been inside it, but I'm curious to see what it looks like. It was a jewelry store.
Eggert's (former) Jewelry Store

Well, I hope you enjoy looking at these Victorian buildings as much as I do. More on our plans for the Little Blue House soon!

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